Fanfic fanart-The Shattered One [miss-annthropic]

The Shattered Onemiss_annthropic, a fanfic from around 2012! Ah the good times. Contains metaphorical mpreg conveniently side-stepping the critical problem of child birth. Featuring an averted apocalypse, one judging Bobby Singer, and both Lucifer and Gabriel were nursing a baby at some point.

More fanfic fanarts- Flight epilogue (NorthernSparrow)
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DCBB 2014- Gates of Bronze and Bars of Iron [Art masterpost]
Challenge: deancasbigbang
Title: Gates of Bronze and Bars of Iron
Author: ice_of_dreams
Artist: bluesyundertone
Rating (art): General audience
Media: GIMP 2

warnings: vaguely spoils the story a little

artist notes: Reading the story is like gently unwrapping a really pretty present. Slow build, sweet ending, all about finding each other. Read it! It's great!

Angels didn’t dream, but they certainly understood the mechanics of it well enough

know that though I grieve, I also hope that you find comfort in my old home


Another dedication to NorthernSparrow's Flight, chapter 20's car wash scene, with the wet shirtless Cas.

Fanfic Fanart- Flight (The View From On High)
SPN Flight-The view from on high

A chilling moment in chapter 16 of NorthernSparrow's Flight. Destiel or no, this is a very well written fic that explores how Castiel copes with one debilitating, life changing events/injuries after another with the help and kludging creative genius of Sam and Dean.

SPN fanfic-fanart: Hail Mary- Bad dreams (screaming nightmares)
More fanart for galaxysoup's wonderful Hail Mary! Muriel emotionally bombards Mary and Dean's very perceptive about it. Chapter 17 ends with touching family moments between Mary and Cas, and some major plot development.

Mary's being put through horrible things

Fanart of fanfic: Hail Mary (Supernatural) AKA Castiel's hair got ruffled and it was adorable.
Hey, no hurting my friend.

This is an interpretation of this scene:
“I’m sorry, Cas,” Mary says softly. She can’t even imagine how scary it is to have memories just be gone like that. “Do you think you’ll be able to get any of it back?”

Cas shrugs. “I’ve been trying. I’ve remembered a few little things, I think, but mostly I’ve just given myself a headache.”

Mary lets go of his hand so she can rub his head. “Hey, no hurting my friend.”

He smiles a little, ducking his head, and Mary lets the conversation lapse into silence.

Hail Mary is an absolutely fantastic piece by Galaxysoup over by AO3. It's touching, it's got twists, and features an authority figure whom Dean and Sam really respect and who's not afraid of feelings or expressing emotions or communicating care and concern, or any of the social attributes that's so rare in the Supernatural canon. And Mary's absolutely aware of and outspoken about John Winchester's A+ parenting, it was fabulous. The author's notes themselves are another source of entertainment.

Also there's an angel later on whose name was used to derive the name for Aziraphale of Good Omens, the name having some relationship with fire and fitting rather well with the whole Prometheus doodad Aziraphale represented. And of course I'll slurp that right up.


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